Thurs 2001/08/30:Well school is just around the corner. I hope everyone had a good summer! I spent most of mine programming games and stuff. Speaking of games, I just indexed a new game called Arcade Carnage. I will post again soon.

Tues 2001/08/21:We just added several games to the index. We also rated and added descriptions to most of the other games. We hope you like them, and hope you will try them out at the games section.

Wed 2001/08/15:Hey everyone, I am back from vacation and I just uploaded some new games. Go to the games and ratings sections to check them out.

Fri 2001/07/13:I am going on vacation for a couple weeks so I won't be able to respond to your e-mail until I get back. Have fun guys!

Sat 2001/06/16:School is almost out here in Canada, and that means more games. I removed some broken links and added some shockwave games today. I changed the look of the games and ratings sections. I hope they will be easier to navigate this way. If anything is wrong with the pages please e-mail me at I will have a chance to test them on Windows on monday. Enjoy the games!

Thurs 2001/05/24:Hi everyone, I have been real busy lately so I haven't had any updates. I just fixed some problems today and added some more animations of Fredrick at the 3D page. Also be sure to check out the bulletin boards at the bulletin board page.

Wed 2001/05/02:I have some pictures of my new cat model, Clyde. He is in beta form right now but should be finished shortly. Anyways you can go check them out at My 3D page.

Tues 2001/05/01:Just posting this so that you know I am still here. I am working on another 3D character at the moment. I hope to have some pics or animations uploaded shortly. After this I will go hunt down some more games. If you have found some games that aren't on this site send me the URLs at

Sat 2001/04/14:Happy Easter, well not quite yet. I have no eggs for you but I did update the game and rating sections. I uploaded some games and put in a few more ratings for some of the games which had none. I think I am going to make a script that will let you guys rate games too.

Thurs 2001/04/12:I did an update on the game and rating sections. I removed broken links to games. Now that the game count has gone done slightly I will have to find some more. I am thinking of adding some shockwave games also. I have seen some great shockwave games out there and I think you guys would enjoy them.

Thurs 2001/04/05:Down, set, hut, I just got back from football. I forgot to do a post when I updated the site so I am doing it now instead. I hope it looks fine in everyone's browser. If something is bothering you please e-mail me ( so that I can fix it. Mostly everyone's browser supports the DIV tag which is the tag that puts the news section into the textarea while preserving the links and html formatting. I hope you guys/girls/little green men like the updates. Keep on gaming!

Sun 2001/04/01:I JUST UPLOADED 1000 MORE GAMES!!! Yesterday we got 1,000,000 hits! I was so excited I uploaded 1000 games. Actually no I didn't, but hey its April fools day. I did however, upload a few new games. Go to the games section to check them out. Then comment on them in the Bulletin Boards area. I will most likely add a few more this week. Until then try out the new games and have fun.

Sat 2001/03/31:Set your clocks everybody cause Spring is here! Yes tonight I will lose an hour of sleep, and therefore be nice and tired tomorrow. I uploaded new movies for My Game Page. I have been looking around for some games to add to this site, and should have some new ones up by the end of next week. As for other new info... I am thinking of starting up a page where you, the web page visitor can add links to your favourite game sites. It will kind of be like your own page, because I won't be adding links to it myself. It is an experiment I would like to try but due to lack of interest for other things (the bulletin boards) I don't know if it would be a good idea. If you would be interested and think I should take the time to set it up please send me an e-mail to saying, "I think you should make a links page where users can post links and stuff.". Note: you can be more original.

Mon 2001/03/26:IIIIIII'mmmmmmmmm baaaack! For those of you who thought I was dead, abducted by little green men, carried off in a mob, or forced off my computer were wrong. Actually for the past week I have been busy programming my new game. I have a lot of success so far but it isn't over yet. Go to my game page for the latest info.

Wed 2001/03/21:I did a bit of updating on my game page. It still doesn't have a name. It's code name (or temporary name) is "Legends", which came from another game I started similar to this one called "Legends of the Dungeon". It however got thrown away after only a few weeks of working on it. I put new movies on the game page at my game page. I hope to get a real cool intro scene done sometime. I want it to be like a trailer also. I will most likely add a link to my game page on the main links list soon.

Thurs 2001/03/15:I just finished a Dwarf model for my new game. Go to MyGame to see him walking in action.

Tues 2001/03/13:Two posts in one day! That doesn't happen too often... I put up a new page with some info, animations, and pictures of my game that I have under developement. Go to My Game Page to see some steps of how a game is made. Note that you need quicktime to view the animations. You can download it free from that web address!

Tues 2001/03/13:Sorry for the lack of news this week. I have been busy in school and at family gatherings. I have also been working on a Java game of my own. I am starting the artwork for it at the moment. I have almost completed the first character. The game will be a 2D Mortal Kombat type game. Except the characters will be Knights, Wizards and people like that. I will probably post some pictures of characters soon. I also hope to get some more games. E-mail ( me if you would like any more information of the game.

Sun 2001/03/04:It's March and you know what that means. Or maybe not. It means that in about 19 days MacOS X will be shipping. Go to macosx for more details. In other news this update, I got some more games online. Go to the game or rating section and check them out. Lastly I have completed a completely working chat program. If you would be interested in hosting the server please e-mail me at for more details.

Tues 2001/02/27:Hey guys. I got some updates done today. I fixed the links on the N64 codes page. I didn't have to much time because I had a dentist appointment and got my hair cut. Anyway, I hope to get some updates on Thursday because I think I should have more free time.

Sat 2001/02/24:Well, I got my computer all fixed up now. I was still experiencing problems after the last update. I have been working on some artwork for the website and plan on starting up a picture/animation section. I hope to get some more games up too.

Tues 2001/02/21:CRASH ALERT! I am back, luckily! A few days ago I was installing some software (about 8,000 files worth) and it messed up my hard disk (put in simple terms, since you probably don't want to hear the long story). I have been able to read your mail from another computer but I couldn't do any updates. I am still cleaning up my hard disk a bit but I hope to get some more games uploaded soon.

Sat 2001/02/17:I am still receiving surveys and comments which I think is great. It is the first time we have really been getting a lot of feed back. We recieved a request for a cribbage game, so even though I have never played cribbage I did my best to find a cribbage game. I posted it in the game and rating sections. If it is not a very good cribbage game e-mail me and tell me so I can find a better one. Better yet, if you know of a good cribbage game e-mail me at

Fri 2001/02/16:After receiving some surveys I went over them and found that most people wanted more games on this site. I went out on the web and got a few new ones. I got a couple golf games, and a few others. I rated them and they have descriptions. Go to the games section to try them out.

Thurs 2001/02/15:Well I was wrong again. There were problems with the update. The menu had that horribly ugly blue border again. I fixed that up, so if you see anything else that looks weird make sure to e-mail me please.

Wed 2001/02/14(later that night):WOW! I just finished some major updates. It is 10:00pm now and I will soon be turning in. Don't get too excited over updates because with them come problems(even though I always think that I got it right). Tell me if anything is messed up. I would also like to know if the links board is showing up ok. If it is too small or you can't read the words LET ME KNOW!!! On my system it looks fine but that isn't always the case on other systems. E-mail your comments to Also be sure to check out the bulletin boards, because I updated the posting script. It puts the newest messages at the top and fixed a problem which caused broken links. Note: I did have to delete all previously posted messages. I hope to get some more games/codes tomorrow. I should be able to make some more updates on the weekend. My last semester was very time consuming but I have time comming out my.... uh..... ears, this semester, so if I am not updating as much as I should be e-mail me and tell me that you know I have time comming out my....... ears. Anyways, Happy Valentine's Day(again) and happy gaming!

Wed 2001/02/14:Happy Valentines day everyone! We have been receiving a good amount of feedback from the survey form. We thank those who have taken time to fill it out and encourage others to fill it out. We will probably post some results once we have received more. If you are interested in Napster and haven't heard yet, here is a quote from their website, "The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals has ruled against Napster in our effort to keep the major record labels from shutting us down". Go to for more information.

Sat 2001/02/10:Hey everybody! I just fixed the survey mail script. It was sending blank messages. If you filled out the survey you don't have to do it again but we would appreciate it if you did since your old messages didn't come through. Some messages did, but it seemed as though people who were using an AOL e-mail account had this problem.

Tues 2001/02/06:Well I am back in school after last week. I am still here with updates though. I added more codes, and fixed up some other stuff. We have codes for about 31 N64 games right now. We will get PlayStation after. I am going in alphabetical order and am in the D's. If you want to check them out go to the codes section and click on the big N64 logo. I would also like to remind people to fill out the survey below or go to The Contact Page to complete it. I will be back soon bearing more updates.

Sun 2001/02/04:Every game is now rated. Go ahead and go to the Games or Ratings sections to see for yourself. They all have descriptions also. Next on my list of updates is to finish the code section. While I write this I am about ready to rip out my hair. My program I use to generate code for the web site is being very moody and crashing at what seems like every copy & paste. Anyways, I plan on getting more games up soon too. I removed a few broken links, but still not one person has filled in the survey. I need to know if you guys are even reading stuff like this so that I know if I am wasting my time or not. Well I will get back to the codes now. Oh, one last thing, remember that you can use the bulletin boards too.

Sat 2001/02/03:The code section is now underway in construction. I hope for there to be lots of codes there soon. I put the survey on this page in a hope that more people will fill it out. It really does help for me to better serve you. You can check out the code section whenever you want. However don't complain if you find weird things there because we are going through a lot of testing. I am hoping to soon get some new games up. In the mean time please fill out the survey and have fun!

Fri 2001/02/02:A few new updates today. I fixed up the links menu. I think some people may have been seeing a blue border around the links. The code section should be up soon. I am getting two people to work on that for me. I created all the tools they should need yesterday. I removed a few broken links that my program found. The bulletin boards have some messages and look like they are more popular this time. I really suggest checking them out. It is a great way to get feedback from fellow gamers. This site is moving to include console games like N64 and PlayStation. I am planning on putting up short clips of me playing the actual games, showing you how to do mission objectives, codes, etc. The last thing on the list today is the survey. I really need to know a few things about the people who visit this site such as your connection speed, which game system you prefer, what you want more of on this site. I really need people to look at this. The questions are easy to fill out and there are only about 8. It is at the bottom of the Contact Page.

Wed 2001/01/31:The Bulletin Boards are back! After many months of downtime I put them back. They work just like before. Go to the Bulletin Boards to post messages to your gaming peers. Talk about codes new hits and whatever else. Have fun with them and let me know what you think by sending tips, hints and comments to

Tues 2001/01/30: WOW! I am back and with a whole new look... You can breath, all the games are still here. We have a new host for this web site(I shouldn't say new because we never had one). You can see him several times on the title graphic. His name is Java Man. Not very origional but oh well. I am planning on updating other pages to the new look this week. In the mean time hang tight and e-mail me your thoughts, ideas or whatever to P.S. The links are on the left and some of them aren't working because the pages aren't there yet.